Jewelry Gallery

Hand crafted Made-to-Ware Jewelry designed and constructed in our studio with great care and attention to detail.

[img src=]5520Vincent van Gogh Necklace
Lampwork bead by Darrell - Hand wrought copper charms and clasp by Sheryl.
[img src=]4830Autumn Pumpkin Bracelet
Lampwork beads and hand wrought copper work.<br />By Sheryl
[img src=]4350Southwest Style Bead Bracelet
Lampwork turquoise and Ivory glass beads. By Darrell
[img src=]4090Hand Fabricated Sodalite Stone & Silver Bracelet
Stone cut and polished and silver fabricated by Darrell
[img src=]4150Wire Wrapped Jasper Bracelet
Wrapped by Sheryl
[img src=]3890Wire Wrapped Black Onyx Bracelet
Wrapped by Sheryl
[img src=]3790Accient Greek Style Copper and Serpentine Bracelet
Hand wrought copper domes and fittings with Serpentine beads. Designed and crafted by Sheryl
[img src=]3670Elegant Red Coral Branch Necklace
Red coral branch necklace with gold glass and coral spacer beads. Designed and assembled by Darrell
[img src=]3540Blue Star Saphire Gold Ring
Designed and cast by Darrell
[img src=]3490Cobalt Blue Beads & Silver Bracelet
Recycled lampwork bottle glass and silver wire work.<br />By Darrell
[img src=]3460Handmade Coyote Earings
Carved and cast in silver.<br />By Sheryl
[img src=]3460Twistie Bead Earrings
By Darrell
[img src=]3410Accient Greek Style Copper and Turquoise Earrings
Hand wrought copper domes and fittings with Turquoise beads. Designed and crafted by Sheryl
[img src=]3410Silver Wire & Lentil Bead Earrings
Silver wire work and lampwork beads by Sheryl
[img src=]3320Turquoise Chevron on Ivory Glass Earrings
Lampwork ivory beads and silver wire work by Darrell.
[img src=]3330Christmas Tree Necklace
Lampwork bead and wire work by Sheryl.
[img src=]3380Wire Wrapped Tourmalated Quartz
Wrapped By Sheryl
[img src=]3340Graduated Lapis Stone Beads
Strung by Sheryl
[img src=]3330Hand Wrought Silver Chain and Lapis Stone Beads
By Sheryl
[img src=]3310Ivory and Terquoise Glass & Silver Hand Wrought Chain
Beads by Darrell<br />Chain by Sheryl
[img src=]3240Pink Glass Heart Bead Necklace
Heart Bead and stringing by Sheryl
[img src=]3210Bronze Commemorative Medallion
By Darrell