Our Studio

Ventilation – One of the big problems setting up a glass studio is the ventilation system. See how we did ours in this article.

Floor – The floor of our torch area has aluminum bonded tiles to protect our house floor from hot and sharp glass pieces. These tiles were made for garage floors but work great in the studio. The one thing I don’t like about it are the tread bumps. Chairs don’t roll so well on it.

Kiln Slider – We have the kiln/annealer mounted on a heavy duty old PDP-8 computer rack slider. You old computer geeks will know what that is. The slider makes it easier to reach the kiln door and when the kiln is not in use, slide it out of the way. It only moves about 6 or 7 inches but it really helps. You don’t need to get up and walk around with hot-glass-on-a stick. Just reach up and pop it in the annealer. The slider also keeps the hot kiln up an inch or so off of the shelf protecting the shelf from dangerous heat levels.

Study – We have one side of our studio as a library/study area. Great for taking a break and still visiting with your partner.