How We Met

Sheryl and I met in high school back in 1969. I was two years her senior in school. I had my eye on her long before she knew I existed. I would see her many times as I walked to school; she just lived around the corner from me. She was a member of the Ecology Club and so were several of my friends so I joined the club.

Sheryl was a very shy, stunning young woman, strait A student and high school valedictorian. I was an average “joe” just trying to figure life out. It took a while for us to get to know each other but we finally began to connect during an Ecology Club field trip to the Pinnacles National Monument. On the way home in an SUV full of fellow students and with Van Morrison’s Moondance playing in the background I fell in love with my soul mate; The Love of my life.

After three kids and too many years to remember, she is still the love of my life.

We have shared many hobbies as we have matured together. Jewelry making, lapidary, fossil collecting, lampwork, and astronomy have been some of the main ones we still share.

I worked as a “Telescope Operations Manager” and “Telescope Mechanician” for the University of California most of my working life. Sheryl worked as a teacher aid, a California licensed water systems operator for the University of California, and as an admin-assistant/buyer for the University of California for most of her working life.

We decided to retire early and concentrate our efforts on enjoying the time we have left together and developing our skills at lampworking and making jewelry. We moved to the high desert of Nevada and setup our studio in the modified family room of our new home. To see our studio go here.

Our Family so far.